Jessica Simpson is the publication’s Editor-in-Chief. She covered Silicon Valley and the technology industry for eight years and has written nearly 1,000 articles, consistently breaking news about major products, management changes and strategy shifts at Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and other Internet companies. Jessica graduated from Harvard University in 2005 and lives in San Francisco.

Martin Peers joined as a columnist and eventually became Managing Editor. He has been in the media industry for over 15 years and has vast knowledge of trending topics. He is a prolific writer of columns about the convergence of technology and media. Prior to working here, he worked for The New York Post and several newspapers in Australia, where he grew up.

Nick Wingfield joined the publication two years ago. He previously worked for seven years as a technology correspondent for the New York Times in Seattle, where he wrote about Amazon, Microsoft, and the region's tech economy. He is a foody and loves to travel in his free time.

Wendy Pollack is a New York-based senior editor. Wendy leads the creation of numerous features and columns and helps in online news operations. Previously, Wendy was director of public affairs at the Regional Plan Association, an urban policy think tank, for five years. She has a bachelor’s degree in technology from UCLA.