No new ‘Emojis’ will be available next year due to COVID-19

Non-profit organization Unicode Consortium, which supervises emoji quality, and is in charge of new emoji releases will delay its new collection of emojis.  The emojis will hold-up by 6 months i.e., from March to September next year due to clash from Coronavirus.

The organization said emojis generally get the approval in January before releasing it to the devices in September. This means Android and iPhone users will not receive any new emojis for the year 2021.

President of Unicode Consortium, Mark Davis mentioned; under the present-day situations, most of the patrons are having a lot of stuff as of now. So, looking at the interests of the clients and the organization, they decide to postpone the launch date.

But, there would be no influence with the release of new emojis which was announced in January 2020. The emojis like the gender-neutral Santa Claus, transgender flag, women wearing tuxedos, bottle-feeding parents and others are part of the new 2020 bunch.

The new set will unroll with the Emoji 13.0 including a total of 117 new pictograms, which releases later this year. This will then depend upon the manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other devices to integrate them through a software update that is likely to happen in the fall.